About Us

Our Story

We are Charlotte and Summer, two Asian-Australians working in Technology and Finance. We often worked long hours, lacked sleep and had limited personal time - this eventually became the norm for us.

One day this all changed when we met up and connected over a piece of jewellery. We realised that a quality piece of jewellery was more than just a decoration or accessory. It has a deeper meaning that symbolises a cherished memory, a special relationship, or even the physical embodiment of our attitude towards life. For us, it represented a piece of our identity.

So we started to wonder...

How could we share with others the joy we experienced by owning a piece of beautiful, high-quality jewellery that could be worn ALL THE TIME? 

Minco.life was born with a mission to empower every busy woman to live a minimal and quality lifestyle. 


What is unique about our products 

1. Gold filled, tarnish-resistant and gentle on your skin

Our jewellery is made to follow you wherever life takes you. All our pieces are 18K or 14K gold filled that are tarnish-resistant and safe for all skin types. Each and every piece of jewellery comes with the guarantee of quality and durability.

2. Minimalism with ease

Minimalism is a core value and attitude of our brand. All our pieces are thoughtfully designed and crafted with a loving goal to help you live a stress-free simple life.

3. Jewellery with a meaning  

We have also named all our jewellery after either a beloved friend of ours, or an inspiring female leader / entrepreneur. We hope you get to channel their courage, dedication, creativity, kindness and excitement through our unique pieces.

4. Priced fairly

We would like you to enjoy our high quality jewellery without a hefty price tag. Therefore, we are trying our best to operate in a lean and efficient way to make sure we don't pass any unnecessary cost to you.